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Student destinations

Universities in the United Kingdom (Entrance to university, college and professional training 2019) (Provisional)

University of Bath                      University of Edinburgh         University of Manchester
Civil Engineering                       Ancient History                 History
Management                              Classics                        History of Art
Psychology                              Geography and Politics          Music (2 students)
                                        German and Philosophy           Philosophy and Politics
University of Birmingham                Mathematics
Drama and Theatre Arts (2020 entry)     Philosophy                      Newcastle University
Geography                               Psychology                      Economics
History and Philosophy
Medicine                                University of Exeter            University of Nottingham
                                        Geography (2 students)          Biochemistry & Genetics
Brighton and Sussex Medical School      History (2020 entry)            Economics (2 students)
Medicine                                Liberal Arts (2020 entry)       Geography (2 students)
                                        Medical Sciences                International Relations and Asian Studies
University of Bristol	                  Politics                        Medicine BMBS
Childhood Studies                       Psychology                      Politics and Economics
Economics (3 students)                  Renewable Energy
History of Art                                                          University of Oxford	
Medicine                                Lancaster University            Civil Engineering (New)
Psychology                              Psychology                      Earth Sciences (Worcester)
Veterinary Science                                                      Engineering (Lincoln)
                                        University of Leeds	            French and German (Merton)
Bristol University West of England	     Business Management             Materials Science (St Catherine’s)
Drama                                   Environment & Business          Medicine (Trinity)
                                        History (3 students)            Medicine (Worcester)
University of Cambridge	                Liberal Arts                    Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Economics (Murray Edwards)              Natural Sciences                (Queens)
English (Murray Edwards)
Medicine (Murray Edwards) (2020 entry)  University of London            University of Southampton
Modern and Medieval Languages           Design Engineering (Imperial)   Psychology
(Homerton)                              Economics (University College)  Mechatronic Engineering
Physical Natural Sciences (Newnham)     Law (LSE)
                                        Medicine (University College)   University of St Andrews
Cardiff University                      Physics (Imperial, 2020 entry)  Computer Science
Criminology and Sociology               Physics (King’s College)
Medicine                                Psychology (Royal Holloway)     University of Surrey
                                        Psychology (King’s College)     Psychology
Durham University
Biological Sciences                     Loughborough University         University of Warwick
Business Management                     Product Design and Technology   Biomedical Science
Geography (2 students)
Liberal Arts                                                            University of York
                                                                        Human Geography and Environment

Universities outside the United Kingdom (Entrance to university, college and professional training 2019)

University of Southern California
Liberal Arts

Six students will make post qualification applications.

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