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Visits to the school                                           Entry procedure
We encourage prospective parents to arrange to visit           All applicants for entry to the school must sit an
the school, meet pupils and staff, and hear a talk from the    entrance examination, and may also be interviewed or
Head Mistress, or the Head of the Junior School, before        invited to participate in an activity session (7+ entry). Entry
their daughter sits the entrance examination.                  is competitive. At 7+, the entrance examination includes
                                                               Mathematics and English. At 11+ there are also verbal and
Please visit our website or contact the        non-verbal reasoning. For the Sixth Form, applicants take
Registrar for details of our Open Days for 7+, 11+ and 16+     papers in the subjects which they propose to study in the Sixth
entry in September 2020.                                       Form. Interviews are held as appropriate. Specimen papers are
                                                               not provided.
Applications for admission should be made on the appropriate   The school does not support or encourage tutoring prior to
form (which can be downloaded from our website) and sent       the entrance examinations and does not endorse any tutor.
to the Registrar. Applications are made during the year prior
to the proposed year of admission to the school. Occasional    The school will contact the current Head Teachers of
vacancies may also occur in intermediate age groups, and the   applicants to request a reference.
same arrangements apply. Therefore, for entry in September
2020, applications should be submitted during 2019 and         A list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the
before the relevant deadline for applications.                 admission process is available on our website.

Deadline for application for September 2020:
Sixth Form 							10th October 2019
All other Year Groups 					 1st December 2019

Entrance Examinations:
Sixth Form 							8th November 2019
Junior School (Years 3, 4, 5, or 6) 		 6th January 2020
Senior School (Years 7, 8, 9 or 10) 	 7th January 2020

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