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We’re proud to be one of the
oldest girls’ schools in the UK

Our story began in 1710, when Lady Eleanor Holles, daughter of the second Earl of Clare,
left instructions in her Will for a trust for our endowment as a Christian foundation.

We were first located in the Cripplegate Ward of the City     Over the years, LEH has grown into a girls’ school of
of London (a plaque on one of the Barbican walkways marks     national standing; one that produces pupils who combine
the original site). We then went on to occupy other premises  academic excellence with integrity, confidence, courage
in the City until 1878, when we moved to Hackney. HRH         and conviction; students that exemplify the school motto,
Princess Alice, the then Duchess of Gloucester, opened our    Spes Audacem Adjuvat (Hope Favours The Bold). Many of
current purpose-built premises in Hampton in 1937.            the virtues that we aim to develop in our pupils are reflected
                                                              in the school coat of arms, below.

The Lady Eleanor Holles School Coat of Arms

                              Hand symbolises pledge          Holly symbolises truth,
                            of faith, sincerity and justice   foresight and defence
Cloud symbolises mystery,
       obscured truth                                                Closed or tilted helm, used by
                                                                  medieval knights, also adopted by

                                                                    English esquires and gentlemen

                                                                                          Furs on a shield suggest
                                                                                               a mark of dignity

Shield shape is Medieval                                        Castle symbolises
                                                              spiritual strength and
                                                               vigilance, as well as

                                                                 home and safety

               Red          Silver or White                                 Green
Strength and magnanimity  Peace and sincerity                 Hope, joy and loyalty in love

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